Since 2011, The Stiff, have been playing all over Holland. In December 2017 they did their 100th gig. Playing all the hits and misses from the ‘holy’ era of punk; the late 1970’s and early 80’s, the band members’ enthusiasm and guts take you back to the wild and exciting days of fun and fury. Those were the days!


  • Idi Stiff - Guitars Open or Close

    Only listened to glam rock until at the age of fourteen, when he saw the Sex Pistols announced on tv by Ferry Maat in Tros Disco Circus. His biggest idols are still Hank The Knife and the Ramones. Played in many known and unknown punk bands, and also did glam rock, reli-gabber, fifties and love songs about Agnetha. Decided five years ago to never make punk again and realized that you can easily turn such decisions back.

  • Johnny Stiff - Vocals Open or Close

    Singer, harmonicanist, tambourine player, frontman, performing artist and civil servant. Has been in music business from the age of 12 and became well known as singer of the Suburbs (winners of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands). Played the entire Dutch club circuit with performances on Parkpop and Crossing Border as highlights. The Suburbs’ song Rollercoaster became a hit for fellow citizens Di-rect, making it Johnny's biggest hit. After more than a year of doing nothing, the blood creeps back where it belongs and he’s ready to conquer Europe with The Stiff.

  • Robbie Stiff - Bass Open or Close

    Bassman, entrepeneur, selfteaching and obsessive collecor of bass gear. Rattus Norvegicus (The Stranglers, 1977) ignited it all and never stopped. Influenced by Punk, New Wave and Rock Bands. Went from 90's Rock, Wave, Grunge and Metal to Stoner and back to the roots again: Punk.

  • Bobby Stiff - Drums Open or Close

    Drummer, graphic designer and founder of The Stiff. Got infected with punk and new wave in the late 1970’s. Started drumming in a school band playing covers by The Cure, played in The Hague Indierock band Venus Flytrap for 14 years and toured the entire Dutch club circuit and four times the USA and Canada. Played with Venus Flytrap in the notorious CBGB’s in New York and twice at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas. After the disintegration of Venus Flytrap, the idea arose to go back to the roots with a new band: The Stiff.